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Term of Use – Business User

This Term of Use policy is provided for the benefit of SMARTVIEW Interview Business Clients who have subscribed to the service and are seeking to hire employees for its own business.  SMARTVIEW Interview is an online service for Business Clients (Employers) to offer Video Interviewing with complimentary access to our CV database.

Video Interviewing services are available via the Website and Apple Application. CV Database, Account Management and candidate tracking is only available via the Website.

The organisation is committed to being transparent about how it collects and uses that data and to meeting its data protection obligations. SMARTVIEW Interview are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, clients and users of our website, providing a safe and secure service. We will ensure that the information you submit to us via our website, office or emails is only used for the purposes set out in this policy.

By using our services, you’ll be agreeing to SMARTVIEW Interviews Privacy Policy.

Please click here for policy information.

Subscription to SMARTVIEW Interview, download of Apple Application or access to the website will mean full consent of agreement to the Terms of Use outlined below.

SMARTVIEW Interview reserves the right to modify this policy when required, updated terms will be posted on the website and an email will be sent to those affected. Should you wish to cancel your subscription due to the revised terms, please email If we do not receive a cancellation notice and the service continues, there will be an assumption that all new terms are accepted by you.

SMARTVIEW Interview is not a staffing agency and therefore cannot guarantee that by using the service your requirement will be filled.

SMARTVIEW Interview will not sell or share Business Users details to any third party.

By allowing SMARTVIEW Interview access to your camera (webcam or iPhone/iPad) and microphone, you have authorised the content to be stored on our system and viewed by SMARTVIEW Interview and those you have approved to access your account.

Approved administrators can share video interviews and CV databases, there is no restriction on who can view a video if a sharing link has been provided. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, data can only be shared within the Business and not sent to any third party. If data is shared outside of the agreement, all services will be terminated with immediate effect and no refund will be offered.

Only the jobseekers you invite will be able to access and complete the video interview aligned to the role and/or organisation.

Users of SMARTVIEW Interview must comply with equality, employment, disability, nationality, sex and race discrimination and/or employment laws set within country of use. SMARTVIEW Interview accepts no responsibility if a Business uses our tool for illegal purposes. Any notification to this activity triggers an automatic termination of your account and no refund will be given.

SMARTVIEW Interview reserves the right to modify, improve or remove minor elements of the service. We will issue a 30 day warning for major service changes to allow you to unsubscribe.
Should you continue to access the service post warning and subsequent implementations we will assume your full consent.

SMARTVIEW Interview will invoice you directly on an automatic monthly basis. Payments are in advance of access to the service and failure to pay subscription fees will mean an automatic block of the account until the subscription is paid in full. We operate a 1st working day of the calendar month policy for Subscription and Billing. Invoices will be issued 10 working days prior to the service renew, should funds not be cleared at point of renewal date, access will automatically be denied. For new clients who wish to start on alternative date other that the 1st of the month, an amount will be calculated for the remaining part of the month and then it will start as a full amount of subscription on the 1st of the Month.

SMARTVIEW Interview believes its pricing structure for its service is fair and therefore discounts on price will be not offered. Should SMARTVIEW Interview increase its pricing model, we will give 60 days’ notice for existing Businesses. For new customers, prices will be immediate effective at point of publication on our website.

Should you wish to cease your access to SMARTVIEW Interview, please email and you will not be invoiced at the next invoice cycle.
You will not be offered any refund for the time paid in advance.

Should subscription expire, all access will be denied and after 90 days data will be removed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You will be responsible for any use of SMARTVIEW Interview within your organisation. We recommend that

– administrators of your account have management approval
– you do not share log on details or share them
– transfer your account to another member of staff

You agree to

  • our Privacy Policy
  • not to share access or data with any third party
  • comply with all Employment Laws regarding discrimination
  • inform our security if any breach is made against your account
  • not use the tool to cause offense, harass, threaten or any other behaviour considered
    inappropriate or unlawful.

SMARTVIEW Interview is not responsible for content posted by Business Account Users. Contact to report content which may be deemed, false, slanderous or defamatory.

SMARTVIEW Interview operates a no nudity policy, any content will be immediately removed and the account will be terminated. No refund will be offered.

SMARTVIEW Interview holds all Intellectual Property Rights associated with its product suite.
You agree not to resell, rent or distribute SMARTVIEW Interview. With valid subscription you have access but no title or interest.

SMARTVIEW Interview reserves the right to modify this policy.

If you should have any questions, please contact Bekky Cavender:

65-69 Walton Road
East Molesey
020 3744 0330 or