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Embracing individuality and enhancing the hiring process with a next generation on demand
video interview screening tool and CV Database

SMARTVIEW Interview is an on demand video interview screening tool and CV Database which provides agility, speed and confidence to any hiring cycle. Underpinned by a suite of management tools and available across any device – SMARTVIEW Interview leads the way when it comes to modernising the hiring process.

SMARTVIEW Interview allows the employer and jobseeker to connect – taking away the need for third parties, bringing back control to those requiring top talent and those seeking top employment.


SMARTVIEW for Employers

Let’s face it; sifting through CVs is boring. The lists of skills and qualifications all quickly blur into one, with every personal profile littered with tired buzzwords making it almost impossible to distinguish between one ‘passionate and driven’ job seeker and another often creating CV Fatigue.

SMARTVIEW Interview addresses this pressure by offering an easy to use platform for jobseekers to record answers to qualifying interview questions at a time convenient to them and can be viewed at a time convenient for the hiring team.

Our video interview screening ensures Employers no longer have to sift through thousands of CVs, which can be misleading, or sit through lengthy and often fruitless interviews.  Only the jobseekers who are offer genuine talent gets access to employers precious time, SMARTVIEW Interview removes interview weariness.

Finding the right jobseeker is simple with SMARTVIEW Interview:  Personalise the welcome page with company branding, add a corporate video or a bio out the company, invite the jobseeker either through the Smartview Interview CV Database or your own, then watch their responses when convenient. Our easy to use collaboration tools means you can share, feedback, reject or rejoice easily.

SMARTVIEW Interview offers an affordable and clever alternative way to recruit. It is a flexible, on-demand service, meaning you won’t be tied into lengthy contracts. For as little as £170 per month, you’ll get access to the latest jobseekers through our CV video interview database, and be able to create customised and effective interviews to help you find the perfect person for the job, significantly reducing the time to hire.

Check out our short video above to learn how you could transform your hiring process with SMARTVIEW Interview or click here for a demo today

SMARTVIEW for Jobseekers

Are you ready to take control of your career? Want to be more than a CV and eager to show an employer just how good you are?

Then join Smartview Interview today.

SMARTVIEW Interview understands that the recruitment process can be frustrating; you’re reliant on agencies, internal recruiters and your CV to advertise and promote your skills and why you are perfect for the role. Who better to sell your skills then YOU, you more than anyone else can convey your passion, experience and capabilities.

SMARTVIEW Interview gives you the ability to easily create an online profile where employers can search for the real you, not just a CV.

It couldn’t be easier, SMARTVIEW Interview is designed to work on any device including your Smartphone, allowing you to create your profile quickly.. Takes 5 minutes, its really that quick!

Once your profile is live, Employers can then connect with you directly, invite you to complete their video interview and you can be confident that when you are invited to a final interview, the Employer has already “met” you, liked what you had to say and you have a great opportunity in securing that all important role.

Join now and start making those connections to Employers today.

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